Trigger Point Injection

Trigger point injection - Balance in Life, P.C. The “unwinding” technique, discussed under Soft Tissue Manipulation, works quite well in the majority of patients seen within the practice for muscular injury.  There are, however, times when muscular injuries are resistant to this modality.  At these times, trigger point injections using ¼% Lidocaine, are used followed by passive and active range of motion.

"Trigger Points" are hyperirritable focal areas of the muscle, which when compressed will be locally tender.  These areas can, when very irritated, cause referred pain to distant areas of the body.  These resistant trigger points respond very well to trigger point injections.

The trigger point injections are administered into the most painful and restricted muscles to facilitate their release.  After the injections, the muscle spasms loosen and the muscles are able to stretch out to their normal, pre-injured state.

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