Balance in Life, P.C. is a patient-focused Pain Management and Wellness Center that specializes in “health care” rather than “disease care”.  We look at health as a positive strength, a capacity to thrive both physically and emotionally, not purely the absence of disease.

Pain can rule our lives.  It can be debilitating and keep us from the life that we want.  Some chronic pain conditions are so complex, they resist traditional pain medications and invasive procedures, leaving the patient and their physician feeling frustrated while their pain goes unresolved.  It doesn’t have to be that way.  Dr. Srutwa is an experienced, forward-thinking, pain management specialist who offers effective, noninvasive, non-narcotic treatments that allows you to get your life back without the pain.  His compassionate, unrelenting personal care has helped many people who have given up on finding pain relief.  Dr. Srutwa can give you more than hope; he can give you the results you need.

Our culture has become reliant on drugs for every conceivable symptom.  We are not paying enough attention to the prevention of illness and disease; we are just treating symptoms.  We have within ourselves the innate capacity to grow older and remain in excellent health with vibrant energy.  We can do this by addressing the imbalances in our lifestyles that eventually lead to illness.  By maintaining good nutrition, staying fit, and reducing stress in our lives, we can prevent illness and disease.  These are simple concepts, but many find them difficult to implement into their lives.  This is prevention, and prevention is capable of correcting the underlying imbalances before they manifest as disease.  Allow us to bring the balance back into your life.  Make your appointment with us today.

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