About Balance in Life, P.C.

Balance in Life, P.C. brings together approaches involving conventional and integrative medicine. Our practice creates an environment that embodies the essence of healing.

Thaddeus P. Srutwa, M.D. – Medical Director

Thaddeus P. Srutwa, M.D. at Balance in Life, P.C. Thaddeus P. Srutwa, M.D., is dedicated toward pain relief and improving the quality of life of his patients.  He is a graduate of Loyola University in Chicago where he received his Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology.  He then completed his medical school training at the American University of the Caribbean.  His internship and residency in Family Practice were completed at Pontiac General Hospital in Pontiac, Michigan.  Afterwards, he served three years overseas with the United States Army Medical Corps where he served as a staff physician at the 130th Station Hospital in Heidelberg, Germany.  Among his many duties there, he served as clinical director of the Myofascial Pain Clinic.

Upon his return from Germany, he began working in Emergency Medicine at Grace Hospital in Detroit, Michigan, where he spent nine years while also serving as a Clinical Professor in Emergency Medicine at Wayne State University.  During this time frame, he also began post-graduate training at Michigan State University learning Osteopathic Manipulative Medicine. Following this, he served as a Clinical Assistant Professor of Osteopathic Manipulation, teaching osteopathic interns manipulative medicine at Grace Hospital in Detroit for several years. He continues to help in training Osteopathic residents to this day.

He has studied Medical Acupuncture for Physicians through the Medical School of the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) and completed his initial training in 1996.  He has continued to take additional acupuncture training on a regular basis since that time.  Dr. Srutwa continued to practice Emergency Medicine and moved to West Michigan in 1996, where he began working as a staff Emergency Physician at Mercy General Health Partners where he remained until 2000.  He continued to practice Emergency Medicine on a part-time basis at North Ottawa Community Hospital, while devoting the majority of his time to his private practice in Grand Haven, Michigan until 2002.  Since that time, he has devoted his entire time to his private practice. In June of 2004 he moved his practice to Spring Lake, Michigan.  Whenever possible, Dr. Srutwa supports the reduction in the use of medications in order to decrease side effects and if possible, minimizing the use of invasive procedures.  He brings you the combined knowledge of allopathic (M.D.), osteopathic (D.O.), and eastern medicine.

Having worked in traditional medical inpatient, as well as outpatient, settings in both Family Practice and Emergency Medicine for over 35 years, Dr. Srutwa is well versed in standard medical approaches in dealing with most maladies which his patients present to him.  He is well aware that when it comes to acute trauma, cardiac emergencies or being able to differentiate radiologic subtleties paramount to saving lives in threatening conditions, nothing compares to our western technology.

Dr. Srutwa with patient That said, he is also aware of the multitude of conditions which are incompletely addressed and misunderstood by standard western approaches.  These are the conditions which do not respond well to a seven minute office visit followed by a prescription.  Patients under these circumstances commonly walk away from their appointments feeling confused and let down.  His approach to his patients is integrative, addressing their bodily issues, as well as addressing the interpretation by the patient as to what is occurring to themselves.  The mind-body connection is an integral aspect that needs to be addressed for the patient to heal appropriately.

Prevention of illness is much more practical to address.  Rather than waiting for an individual to develop a chronic debilitating condition before addressing the underlying issues, why not prevent the issue in the first place?  As a direct result of this approach, his practice offers not only pain management, but also offers opportunities in wellness training.  As a direct result of this approach, his practice offers Integrative Pain Management.   We also offer nutritional supplements to augment a healthy lifestyle.


Administrative Support Staff:

Sue K. Fello – Billing Specialist

Sue is originally from Berrien County and currently resides in the Grand Haven area with her husband.  Sue’s work history has been as a medical biller for the past 30 years.  She has a passion for antiques and you will frequently find her visiting the antique malls and flea markets.

Sue started working for Balance in Life, P.C. in February of 2008.  She is proud to be a team member of such an important and much-needed practice in West Michigan.

Yvonne Srutwa – Office Manager

Yvonne was born and raised in the U.K. and emigrated to Chicago with her parents as a child.  She was educated in Chicago and graduated from Loyola University with a BA in French and Italian.  From 1977 – 1979 Yvonne was on faculty at the University of Wroclaw of Poland as a teacher of the English language.  She returned to the U.S. in 1979 and began working in Administration at St. Mary of Nazareth Hospital in Chicago.

Yvonne has always had a passion for cuisine and the culinary arts.  While living in Pontiac, Michigan in 1981, Yvonne began regularly attending cooking classes.  While living in Heidelberg, West Germany in 1984, Yvonne completed classes in French Cooking at J’Ole Dayle Ecole de Cuisine.  In 1987, she attended La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine in Paris, France.  After returning stateside, Yvonne continued her culinary education with Marcia Sikarskie in Okemos from 1987 through 2003.

Yvonne continues to regularly attend cooking, health, and nutrition seminars.  Most recently, she attended the Cleveland Clinic Health and Wellness seminars presented by Dr. Roisen and Dr. La Puma, as well as the Health and Nutrition Forum presented by Dr. Andrew Weil and Chef Rick Bayless.

Yvonne’s mission in life is to share the joy of healthy cooking and bringing together family and friends at the table.